October 24, 2014


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Membership Information
Meadow’s members are our greatest asset, and their diversity (19 countries and 40 states) makes our Club unique in Sarasota. We are the “home” to the nicest people who begin and continue great friendships at The Meadows Country Club because of our active sports and activities calendar.

You are also assured of a fiscally sound and well-managed club that is flourishing. Our wonderful staff, active member Board of Governors and various operating committees are dedicated to making membership a pleasure all year round.

You can choose a membership from Equity or Non-Equity, Family or Single, Business and Limited Seasonal. Each category offers varying levels of access to sport, fitness, and entertainment.

Annual Memberships
Seasonal and Limited Memberships

For further information on all membership opportunities, please call Glenda Bachner at (941) 378-5957. Or, contact us by email, now.
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