Annual Memberships

Full Gold Equity Members are entitled to full use of golf, tennis, social, fitness, heated pool, and other facilities of the Club.Both Family and Single membership are available.**

Tennis Equity Members (both family or single) are entitled to unlimited tennis, social, dining, heated pool, fitness, locker rooms, charging and guest privileges. Use of golf facilities are available on a fee basis.**

Sports/Social Equity Members are entitled to attend all social functions, use of all dining facilities, heated pool and fitness center. Use of golf and tennis facilities are available on a fee basis.**


Phone: (941) 378-5957

*Non-equity members do not have voting privileges and are subject to monthly dues and fees and may be subject to food and beverage minimums, and/or activity fees in accordance with their reduced privileges.

**Equity members have voting privileges, and all memberships are subject to an initiation fee, dues, and may be responsible for food and beverage minimums, advance reservation program, and some other restrictions. Tennis and Social Equity members can utilize golf and/or tennis facilities at the approved rate, which may be adjusted annually. Advance reservation limitations may apply.